Nicole Levin

Children’s author


Meet George, a boy who goes on adventures to discover the world around him, and find out who he is. Join George on his different philosophical adventures:

  1. The Art of Is-Ing. George wants to stop doing and just be. So he sets off to find friends to is with. But everybody is so busy, will he find anyone who enjoys the art of is-ing?

   (ISBN 9780796038197).

  1. In, Out and Around the World. Everyone tells him that the world is round. But George can see that the world is dippy, curvy, flat and long. George’s journey to find the roundness of the world leads him to  discover perspective and distance, and how where you are in the world determines what you see  (ISBN 9780796038173).

  2. Out of the Box.   George tries to discover what box he fits into, and ends up in some very strange places. But does he need to fit into a box? Or just himself? (ISBN 9780796033130).

  3. Sounds from the Inside Out. What sound do you make?’ asked the man. But George doesn’t know. So he sets off on a journey to discover his sound. But what is the sound that makes him special?

    (ISBN 9780796038180).


Out of the Box series

Mandi and the Moonstones

A fantastical tale about the moon falling out of the sky. Although she is so little, Mandi has a very big, very magical idea to restore the moon to the sky and happiness to the hearts of her people.

(ISBN 9780796033147). 

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